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Baba is a restaurant based on comfort food with a Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian influence. We take the food we grew up eating and cook it using techniques and spices from around the world. It’s a version and inspiration of food using local, seasonal ingredients to showcase flavors that are new and different. We aim to create something approachable and as always, delicious. We lean towards a more casual feeling for brunch or dinner, every day of the week. If you’re just grabbing lunch or have a special occasion, we have the right meal for you!


We use as many local producers and farmers as possible. We strive to keep our food within 450 miles of our restaurant. Constantly searching out and forging new relationships with the people who live and work the land of the northwest.


Our job is to constantly be searching for the best quality ingredients. It is our commitment to our guests, our craft and to the products with which we let shine.


This is a key element to our foods. It is something we strive for in the pursuit of perfection. Always questioning what we can take away to let our products show for themselves. What can we do to simplify the products to produce them in an honest way that lets them be the best they can be.

baba favorites


egg plant fries

garlic oil, roasted garlic, honey, chile pepper sauce & chilies tossed with fries; served with tahini-yogurt sauce


turkish mac n’ cheese

shell pasta, labneh cheese sauce, bread crumbs with brown butter, pistachios & dukkah; served with fermented chilies


turkish coffee

for two; an authentic experience, prepared and served at your table


lamb shank tagine

slow cooked lamb with preserved lemon, spices, olives & barberries, with toasted almonds & couscous


hummus with tahini

velvety smooth garbanzo beans, lemon, garlic & olive oil


honey & spice fried chicken

twice fried chicken pieces with honey, butter & spices on a bed of cilantro yogurt sauce


deviled eggs

stuffed with tahini egg yolk with pomegranate molasses, dukkah seeds & pita chile-crunch


sweet n’ sour cauliflower

crispy fried and tossed with sweet n’ sour tamarind, tahini sauce, pomegranate molasses & mint


baba burger

brisket/mushroom/grain patty, labneh cheese, braised lamb jam, cilantro mayo, chilies & fries

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