We do not take reservations.

small plates

  • *Deviled Eggs (4) $7

    stuffed with tahini egg yolk with pomegranate molasses, seeds & pita-chile crunch

  • Fried Feta Cheese $12

    crispy fried cheese with honey, labneh, preserved orange, roasted strawberries, sea salt & pistachios

  • Hummus with Tahini $9

    velvety smooth garbanzo beans, lemon, garlic & olive oil

  • Whipped Feta with Honey $12

    feta & labneh cheese whipped soft with chives, dukkah & honey

  • Baba Ghanoush $11

    wood roasted eggplant pureed and served with labneh, preserved lemon, honey & chilies

  • Labneh Toast $7

    two slices grilled bread spread thick with labneh cheese & chef’s choice of jam

  • Feta Pepper Stuffed Kibbeh (4) $13

    Bulgur wheat & ground beef fritters stuffed with 2 types of cheese, roasted shallots & pickled chilies. Served with tahini, 10,000 island dressing & pickled onions

  • Sweet n’ Sour Cauliflower $14

    crispy fried and tossed with sweet n’ sour tamarind, tahini sauce, schug & mint

legumes, grains & veggies

  • Freekeh Salad $11

    marinated freekeh grains with yogurt dressing, pistachios, raisins & greens topped with smokey feta and sumac onions.

  • Crispy Falafel (5) $12

    crispy fried fritters served with tzatziki sauce, tahini, cucumber salad & herbs

  • *Turkish Mac n’ Cheese $15

    shell pasta, labneh cheese sauce, bread crumbs with brown butter, pistachios & dukkah; served with fermented chilies

    add a fried egg +$1 or braised lamb, kofta meatballs or sausage +$7

  • Spring Fattoush $12

    crispy flatbread, cucumber, cherry tomato, greens, mint, parsley, radish & green onions in a sumac vinaigrette

  • Roasted Strawberry Tabouli $10

    strawberries, mint, parsley, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, green onions, olive oil & lemon with bulgur wheat

  • North African Carrot Salad $8

    shredded carrots with harissa, preserved orange, parsley, raisins, mint & feta cheese

  • African Peanut Stew $6 Cup | $10 Bowl

    slow cooked sweet potatoes, ginger, peppers, tomato & greens in a spiced stew


  • Saffron Basmati Rice $6
  • Olive Oil Fried or Scrambled Eggs $2
  • Smash Fried Potatoes with Za’atar $4
  • Tahini, Shatta, Schug or Chermoula Sauce $2

egg plates

  • *Just Breakfast $13

    two eggs, 2 bacon or lamb sausage, labneh, smash fried red potatoes, grilled bread & jam

  • *baba Poutine $14

    cheese gravy, garlic, feta, labneh & fries topped with a fried egg; served with tahini yogurt

  • *Braised Lamb Hash $16

    slow cooked lamb cooked with smashed fried red potatoes and red onion, topped with a fried egg & tahini sauce

  • Shakshuka (red pepper stew) $17

    slow cooked peppers & tomatoes with baked eggs & chermoula sauce

    add lamb sausage or kofta meatballs +$7

  • *Buddha Bowl $14

    mixed grains, rice, roasted and pickled vegetables, herbs, labneh, shatta, slow cooked garlic, tahini & feta cheese with a poached egg

  • *Braised Lamb & Potato Omelet $13

    three egg omelet with feta cheese, grilled lamb sausage, roasted garlic & served with potatoes

  • *Cheese Omelet $12

    labneh, chevre and feta cheese with tahini in a three-egg omelet; served with red potatoes

sandwiches & specialties

Served with smash fried red potatoes.

  • *Lebanese Stuffed Pita (2ea) $13

    fire grilled pitas stuffed with spiced beef, tomato & pinenuts, served with tahina sauce

  • Dungeness Crab-Potato Latkes (2) $15

    pan seared crab-potato cakes with labneh & tahini

  • *Baba Burger $15

    brisket, mushroom, grain patty, labneh cheese, braised lamb jam, cilantro mayo, chilies, & fries or roasted potatoes

  • Fancy Grilled Cheese $12

    labneh & feta cheese, spiced honey, fig jam & green apple

  • Cauliflower Schnitzel Sandwich $14

    crispy fried with parsley-lemon slaw, tahini sauce, sumac onions & schug sauce on sourdough

  • *Braised Lamb Sandwich $15

    grilled bread, layered with shatta peppers, cilantro & lemon preserves

  • *Kofta Meatballs (5) $14

    spiced lamb-beef meatballs baked in the hearth, served with tzatziki, pomegranate molasses & feta

sweets & pastries

  • Labneh Fritters $11

    yogurt cheese fritters with honey & sea salt

  • Honey-Walnut Baklava $7

    with cinnamon ice cream

  • Cardamon-Pecan Coffee Cake $7

    with caramel and spiced custard sauce

  • Rose Water-Raspberry Ice Cream $7

    with toasted pistachios and raspberry puree

  • Pomegranate Sorbetto $5

Not all ingredients are listed, if you have allergies, please let your server know

*Notice: consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.