• Mimosas

    orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice

  • Flavored Mimosas

    pomegranate, guava, strawberry, blood orange, hibiscus rose, prickly pear

  • Baba Bloody

    vodka, tomato juice, spices, feta stuffed olives, harissa, peppers
    -add bacon $2

  • Charaxes

    Empress gin, strawberry, sparkling rosewater & lemon

  • Greek Cold Brew

    Roast House cold brew, Ouzo, Kahlua, orange liquor, oatmilk

  • Pineapple Spritzer

    spiced rum, pineapple juice, ginger liquor, all spice dram, current pineapple hard seltzer

  • The Great Plane

    Aperol, mezcal, Amaro Nonino & lemon juice

  • Aphrodite's Kiss

    floral gin, citrus, hibiscus, rosehip, elderberry, pink bubbles


  • Ginger Beer
    Iced Tea
    Turkish Tea
    Iced Chai
    Hot Tea(Revival Tea Company)
    (Citrus Chamomile, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Tropical green Tea)
    Drip Coffee (Roast House)
    Turkish Coffee
    Cold Brew Coffee
    San Pellegrino Sparkling Orange Mineral Water (12oz)
    San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water (750ml)

Beer & cider

  • Ask your server for our current selection!


  • Strawberry Spitzer

    strawberry shrub, lemon juice, sparkling water

  • Blossom sparkler

    baba sour, orange blossom, orange seltzer

  • Ginger Tamarind

    tamarind, lime, ginger beer

  • Baba Lemonade

    house made rotating flavors

  • Hibiscus Punch

    Revival Hibiscus, blood orange, sparkling water

small plates, spreads & dips

all dips served with pita

  • Hummus With Tahini

    velvety smooth garbanzo beans, garlic confit & olive oil

  • Wild Mushroom Hummus

    our silky smooth hummus topped with sautéed mushrooms, fried mushrooms and mushroom powder

  • Kawarma

    hummus topped with braised, spiced lamb, crushed almonds & torn herbs

  • Whipped Feta With Honey

    feta & labneh cheese whipped soft and topped with chives, dukkah spice, lemon puree, & honey

  • Baba Ghanoush

    wood roasted eggplant pureed and served with labneh, lemon puree, honey & chilies

  • Deviled Eggs (4)

    stuffed with tahini egg yolk with pomegranate molasses, dukkah seeds & chile-crunch oil

  • Labneh Toast

    two slices grilled bread spread thick with labneh cheese & seasonal jam

  • Warmed Castelvetrano Olives

    olives marinated with orange peel, rosemary, Aleppo pepper, almonds & lemon
    (v+ - gf)

  • African Peanut Stew - Cup | Bowl

    slow cooked sweet potatoes, ginger, peppers, tomato & greens in a spiced stew
    (v+ - gf)

legumes, veggies, grains & beans

  • Crispy Falafel (4)

    crispy fried garbanzo-herb fritters served with eggplant puree, tahini, pistachios, & cucumber salad
    (v+ - gf)

  • *Turkish Mac n’ Cheese

    shell pasta, labneh cheese sauce, breadcrumbs with brown butter, pistachios & dukkah; served with fermented chilies & herbs
    add a fried egg +$2
    add smoked chicken +$5
    add braised lamb, lamb sausage, or kofta meatballs +$7

  • Greek Orzo-Broad Bean Salad

    marinated beans and orzo pasta with feta, spiced walnuts, radicchio, cucumbers, tomato, onions, lemon, mint, chilis & olive oil

  • *Baba Bowl

    rice, roasted and pickled vegetables, herbs, labneh, shatta, slow-cooked garlic, tahini & feta cheese with a poached egg
    (v - gf)

  • Israeli Salad

    chopped cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onions, parsley & oregano tossed with lemon juice, red wine vinegar & olive oil
    (v+ - gf)

sweets & Treats

egg plates

  • *Breakfast Plate

    two eggs, two bacon or braised lamb, labneh, smash fried red potatoes, grilled bread & jam

  • *Schug Lamb Hash

    slow-cooked lamb cooked with smashed fried red potatoes, roasted garlic, pickled red onion & roasted bell peppers; topped with a fried egg & schug

  • Wild Mushroom Benedict

    mushroom confit topped with poached eggs and labneh butter sauce, chermoula, whipped yogurt; served on mini pitas with fried red potatoes
    add lamb +$7

  • Smoked Salmon and Potato Latke Benedict

    crispy wild salmon cakes topped with poached eggs and labneh butter sauce, preserved lemons, fresh chives & sumac; served with fried red potatoes

  • *Shakshuka (Red Pepper Stew)

    slow-cooked peppers & tomatoes with spices, baked in the hearth oven with eggs, chermoula sauce and finished with fresh herbs
    add smoked chicken +$5
    add braised lamb, lamb sausage, or kofta meatballs +$7

  • Wild Mushroom Herb Omelet

    sautéed mushrooms, chèvre & feta cheese with chermoula sauce, & herbs in a three-egg omelet; served with red potatoes
    add lamb +$7
    (v - gf)

sandwiches & specialties


  • Jeweled Rice
  • Olive Oil Fried or Scrambled Eggs
  • Smash Fried Potatoes with Za’atar
  • Fresh Pita
  • Crudite

pay it forward $8

  • a meal for an unhoused member of our community, you pay it, we make it, Jewels Helping Hands distributes it.

V - vegetarian | v+ - vegan | gf - gluten free

Not all ingredients are listed, if you have allergies, please let your server know

*Notice: consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.