kids menu

* = Meals come with a side of fries and ketchup

  • Mac n’ Cheese

    shell pasta, labneh cheese sauce, & bread crumbs with brown butter

  • *Baby Baba Burger

    brisket/mushroom/grain patty on a brioche bun

  • *Kids Grilled Cheese

    toasted sourdough bread topped with melted white cheddar cheese

  • Pita Pizza

    thinly baked pita topped with a chunky tomato sauce, labneh, white cheddar, and herbs
    Add chicken or braised lamb $7

  • *Pan Seared Falafel in Pita

    (garbanzo bean fritters) crispy fried fritters served in a fresh pita with tzatziki sauce, cucumber salad & herbs

  • *Fried Chicken Tenders

    twice fried chicken tenders with a side of harissa ketchup

  • Egg Breakfast

    an egg and piece of bacon, smash fried red potatoes, grilled bread & side of jam